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Related post: Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 18:10:48 -0700 (PDT) From: MUSCLEDADDY BEAR Subject: "Teddy's Discovery" Chapter 9: Ranger SamThis story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all characters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between father and his sons, or under age boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you nude shemale models are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that best bondage model it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ranger Sam He seemed to have come to some kind terms, at least for last night, with my being his son. I felt nervous wondering how he would feel this morning with what we'd done. I was fifteen, though, and knew what I wanted. I wasn't being taken advantage of, and I wasn't being lured unknowingly. I loved and wanted a big, strong, rough man introducing me to the mysteries of sex. Until now, sex with other guys had never even entered my mind. I liked looking at other guys' bodies, yeah, but that was just natural curiosity...wasn't it? Now that I was experiencing sex with another guy/man, though, I was going nuts for it!! The first time I'd ever touched a man's cock, had been that night under the kitchen table as my parents played cards with the Fowlers. It had only been the head of Dad's cock as it hung down almost out of his shorts, Still, though, that moment was burned in my mind as some kind of turning point, a discovery of new desires. And finally getting it from a man I loved and admired every bit as much as I thought he was damned hot and hand- some, was mind-blowing to me!! I laid there pressed back against Dad's side, head pillowed on top of his bicep, as he lay splayed on his back in the warm morning air. I quietly dislodged myself and climbed out of the tent without waking him. Wide patches of flaking dried cum, both his and mine, covered my torso, neck, and face. I needed to get cleaned up! I didn't want to put too many clothes over the mess, and didn't want to risk running into anyone on the way to the showers...though, because of our location, I shouldn't have to worry about that. So, I just grabbed my sneakers and a clean pair young fucking models of shorts from the unloaded bags in Dad's jeep, and headed down to childmodel xxxpics the river with a towel and bar of soap. I forced myself to sink down in that icy water long enough to bathe. Then, I jumped out, dried off, and raced back to re-light the camp- fire. I heard the loud deep rumble of a motorcycle being fired up somewhere close. It must've woken Dad, because he stumble out of the tent a minute later. Sleepy eyes surveyed the campsite and lit fire before coming to rest on mine. A slow grin crossed his face as he stumble over on stiff legs... an equally stiff slab of meat arching out from his dense crotch. He pulled me into a hug...the smell of dried sweat and cum still clinging to his skin. "Mmmm, mornin,' son." He said, ebony models directory sleepily. "Good job gettin' the fire goin.' Damned nice teen russian model for your ol' dad t' wake up t' that." "Mornin' Dad, how'd ya sleep?" I asked as he moved over to the fire. He squatted down and threw a couple more logs on, "Great, a few beers and bein' out here away from it all makes for sleepin' like a log." He seemed completely relaxed, but also ignoring everything that we did the night before. I hadn't expected that combination and maxwel litle models didn't know what to think. It sounded like the motorcycle was no longer just sitting there warming up. The low rumble was coming closer rather fast. Dad moved over to the jeep, pissed heavily on the ground beside it, and then reached into his bag for a pair of sweat pants he tossed over his shoulder. He walked back to the fire, his cock sagging down into it's hefty flaccid state as he bent to pick up his towel from last night. He dropped it, though, and jerked his old sweat pants on as the motorcycle we'd been hearing rolled into view and continued a bit into our campsite. Dressed in ranger uniform shorts, shirt, and ball teen models webring cap...hiking boots on his feet and thick wool socks bunched below his calves...was the silver-haired man from last night! He flipped a switch on the big white and chrome bike, silencing the rumbling motor. "Mornin' folks, blujeanne model yawl enjoyin' the park?" The impossibly deep voice sounded like loilta models pics that of a radio announcer or TV anchor, even deeper. "Yep, much needed lil' vacation." Dad answered, sounding a little guarded. "Wow, what kind of bike is that?" I asked with probably way too much awe in my voice. I couldn't help little vagina models it, though...that motorcycle was COOL! He chuckled still straddling the bike, "Yamaha, 1600, best hiphop models cruiser...I don't put supermodel teen pre much store in Harleys where ya have t' carry a toolbox with ya jus' t' head out for a short ride. Y' like mature model british it?" "Hell, yeah!" I jerked my head at Dad, "I mean, young nonenude models yeah! I've always wanted one, but I've never seen one that big before." "Well, it's built for cross-country rides...comfort and an engine that'll go the distance without bein' pushed." he answered, that deep voice seeming to slide over my skin as he talked. In the daylight, I could see the ranger was probably around fifty years old. But, that only added to the lean atheletic physique and the biker air about him. "Maybe he'll take y' for a ride," Dad said, coming up beside me and ruffling my hair. "Well, I was just gonna circle the park n' make sure everything's in order." He responded, standing up and swinging a long leg over to walk toward us. He had to be about 6'7"! Tall and tan, lean and lanky with a slightly weathered face. His eyes, though, his eyes were black as night with long black lashes and thick silver brows curving above. His face was incred- ibly striking, but it was his piercing eyes that made my heart race as they seemed to pin my feet to the ground. I also couldn't help noticing the fat tube running down the leg of his shorts to the hem. It looked like the head of the cock making that tube would slide out any second. "I'd be more'n happy t' give y' a tour of the place, show ya some of the great spots a lot of folks don't know about here in the park. That is, if your," the tall ranger looked over at Dad, " agreeable t' you goin' for a ride this mornin.'" "Father," my dad corrected, "I'm Ken triumph lingerie model n' this is m' boy, Teddy." "Name's Sam, pleasure t' meet'cha both," teen models underweare Sam and Dad shook hands. As I looked at Dad in askance, his eyes flicked down to the prominent length of meat stuffed down the leg of Sam's shorts...back up to Sam's face...and, then, over to mine. There seemed to be a war going on in Dad's head as he looked at me silently, contemplating the offer Sam had just made. "You'll be extra careful with him?" Dad said, still looking at me intently. "Oh, of's just a spin around the park, and I have too many stops t' make t' work up any speed." "Okay, then." Dad responded and then leveled dark serious eyes at the ranger, "As long as you're damned careful with him," he looked at me again, "he can go." "Oh, thanks, Dad!" I grinned excitedly. "I gotta go into town, anyway. We forgot t' pack food for the weekend. And, I gotta head sex model pic over to the showers n' soap down first anyway. So, you can go explorin' with Sam here while I do all that. Should be back in about an hour or so." "Well, alright then. Teddy, let's getta move on!" Sam clamped a hand on my shoulder, plastic model gun and grabbed Dad's in a handsake, "I'll take good care of 'im, Ken." Sam climbed on the bike and started it up, before I threw my leg to sit behind him. I asked where I should put my hands. Sam looked over his shoulder and said, "On my waist, hips, or thighs...just not at my chest. I have t' use my weight t' keep the bike balanced, and anywhere but my chest leaves me able t' move easily." I put my hands on his hips, as he took off slowly. He gave Dad a quick wave as altbinariesmodelspetite we left the topsite sweet models campsite and Dad waved back enthusiastically, though a look of concern didn't match the exuberance in the wave. He took me from campsite to campsite, checking each one to make sure only the rented ones had people staying there and that everyone was adhering to the park's rules. Sam, stopped a few times to show me a particularly nice view. Each time, me trying to slide my hand down to his thigh innocently teen model logo as I turned to look. My arm would just never quite reach, though. Finally, we stopped beside one of the camp roads and he said we'd have to walk a bit to see what he wanted to show me. We followed an almost invisible trail a long way until it opened up into a small cove at the river bank. At one end, though, the river cascaded off from a higher level creating a small rushing waterfall. "This is one of my favorite places," he said pulling a pipe and tobacco pouch from one seductive young models of his shirt pockets, "secluded and relaxing, and no one knows it's here." "Wowww...this is cool," I said, walking up to the river bank. "Yeah, it's pretty special here." I turned at the quietness of his deep voice to find him leaning back against a tree, looking down and lighting his pipe. In that position, his hips thrust foward some and his shorts pulled taut, the outline of his car model images cock was even more defined. I was staring with part curiousity and part heated interest at the flaccid size of it, it appeared as large soft as as Dad's was hard! He looked up, still holding the match to the pipe as the smoke curled about his face, "See somethin' ya like, Teddy?" "No...I..." "Now, not much point in actin' like ya don't," he crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at me, "I know you saw me watchin' you n' your father last night...damned good-looking man, too, by the way." I stood there paralyzed with shock. Yes, I knew he'd been there, but I never expected him to admit it...much less to call me on it. "How old are ya, buddy?" He asked quietly with a tip of his head. "Fifteen," I stammered, "almost sixteen." "Ummm, young," he said, matter of factly, reaching down to slide long fingers back and forth over the thickness of his cock as the head of it began to show below the hem of his shorts. "Young enough t' get your ol' dad in whole heap'a crap with the authorities if someone were t' say somethin," he pressed his fingers into the length of his cock, causing the entire head and a half inch of shaft to pop completely out the hem of his shorts. "Git over here, junior," he ordered, low and deep. I obeyed out of fear. What nonude pay model if I did what he wanted and he still told on usenet child models Dad and me? When I reached him, he wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and pulled me close as if to share a secret. He half-whispered, "Now, you don't want your dear ol' dad t' go t' jail do ya?" When I didn't respond, he asked, "Do gay playgirl model ya?" "No sir," I said, looking at the ground. Without saying another word, the hand at the back of my neck pressured me down to my knees and then pulled my mouth to his thigh so my lips pressed against the head of his cock. "Take your time, Teddy-boy, I know y' enjoy this...I saw enough last night t' be sure of that." He had me. He was right, too. He had seen me going to town on my Dad's cock. He also knew blue young models he could cause a great deal of trouble for Dad. "Come on, Teddy," he said when I didn't move, "I don't have all day. And, do you want your dad t' come back, come lookin' for ya, n' find you here slobbering all over my cock?" "No...." he sighed with satisfaction at knowing child models topless I had no choice, "no, ya don't. up, kid." I slid my tongue out and swiped it over the head of his cock. My own traitorous dick beginning to stiffen at the contact...his, flexing against my tongue and lips. "That's it..." he encouraged..that deeper than deep voice slipping under my skin. I opened my lips and pushed them over the head of his cock, earning a deep groan from his chest and a slight bend in his knees.' As I sucked on the head and swept my tongue across it over and over, one of his hands reached down and started undoing the belt at his waist. He pulled me back up to my feet and told me to unbutton his shirt. As I complied, he stood there looking down at me, knowing he controlled my every move through the threat he held over Dad. He blew the thick rich pipe smoke into my face as I worked, further dominating me in a way that was more than simply physical. "Suck," he said, pulling me onto his left nipple, "and, open my zipper, junior." I wasn't sure what to do with another man's nipple, so I put my mouth over it and sucked...confused. And, reached to work his zipper down. "Harder, boy...use your tongue and your teeth. Haven't you ever done this vlads teen models before?" he said and asked harshly. "Um-mm" I said, shaking my head but keeping my mouth on his chest. "Oh, for christ's sake," he bikini pool models said, pushing me away. He stepped away from the tree, grabbed me, and switched places...pushing my back against the tree. He, then jerked my shirt up and dove onto my nipple. That thick bushy silver mustache that hung down halfway to the end of his chin felt incredible against my skin, but nothing like what it felt like when he attacked my nipple with his teeth and little model forum tongue. I cried out as the shock of the peruvian teen models sensation immediately made me stretch up on my toes to try and get away from that mouth that was making my eyes cross! He immediately pulled back again, entrymodel though, and growled, "Now, do a better job this time, for fuck's sake!" Then, he yanked my face back into his nude child girlmodels chest. As I went to work furiously on his nipple, he grabbed my wrist and thrust my hand through the fly of his shorts. My fingers slid around a fat fleshy tube of meat that felt thick, hot, and damp inside the confines of his green ranger shorts. His pipe smoke kept pouring petite teeny models across me as I massaged his half- hard cock and chewed on his peaked nipple. The richness of the aroma making me a bit light-headed as it filled my lungs, and further confirmed this tall lanky man's domination of me. "Take it out," he ordered. It was like pulling a boat's anchor out of the water! There was so much rubbery length it, it modell sex karlsruhe seemed like I would never get to the head! Finally, the head pulled free of his shorts and the semi-flaccid shaft lay cradled in my hand. The ranger grabbed my chin and tilted my face up. He looked down at me with those intense eyes and blew a cloud of smoke right into my face. Then, he slid his entire arm behind my neck and pulled me up onto my toes into run way modeling a toe-curling kiss...the taste of the fragrant tobacco on his tongue, sweet and dark. Leaving his lips still pressed to mine and speaking out of the sides of his mouth, "Now, get down there and suck my cock, boy." So drunk on his kiss, I dropped to my knees with no further urging. His cock seemed like it hadn't grown any further from its already imposing size and seemed the same lenght and girth almost hard as it had completely soft. That was good, fotoplenka teens models as even in it's semi-hard state, it still seemed around the same size as Uncle Don's huge horse-cock. I sucked, swallowed, and milked that oversized slab of meat, trying get it to give me some pre-cum, but all a got was a few slaps on the face from teen catwalk models that fat schlong and more orders to suck it this way or that. He never got fully hard, though. After a bit, he pulled his prereens models hips back, snaking that thick cock out of my mouth and throat. To my surprise, I grabbed his hips and tried to keep him from taking it away from me. As it finally slide all the way out and flopped down heavily between his thighs, he began pulling up his uniform shorts and stuffing his cock back inside. "Get up, boy." I did and followed him in silence back to his motorcycle, know- ing I must not have done a good enough job on his cock. I felt embarassed and dejected as we drove away. Just begin- ning to experience sex..and sex with men, no less..the rejection stung severely. I noticed after a short time that we were on a road I hadn't seen before. Then, he stopped the bike and turned it off, motioning for me to dismount. He followed suit, and then grabbed the handlebars to push it up the road. I just stood there not knowing what to do until he looked over his shoulder and said, "Hustle, boy, I don't have all day here" his deep deep voice seeming to reach way down inside my stomach. So, I followed modeling preeteen silently until a small cabin came into view where the road came to an end. He put the kick-stand down and placed a hand against the small of my back as he led me to the cabin's door. He stopped and put a pedo models galleries finger to his lips in the sign to be quiet. At the same time, his slid his other hand down the back of my shorts into the crack of my ass. One finger bikini models infomercials slid in deeper than the rest and found the tight little hole hidden inside. When it did, he began forcing sandi model set the finger inside. My hole resisted the intrusion, but he wasn't to be dissuaded. My cute model 15yo little butthole was still tender from Dad stuffing it full of his cock twice the night before, and soon my head fell into Sam's chest as I struggled to keep quiet. The pressure of it was turning me on, but the rough dryness felt like his finger was covered in tree bark or something! He pulled his hand out, spit in it, and kid underwear modeling then shoved it back down my shorts. This time, when his finger reached my young teen asshole, firemen model it slid right in...though, still far from comfortably. I gulped in a deep breath and pressed more heavily into the tall ranger's chest as his finger probed deeper. It was then that I noticed him easing the cabin door female supermodel nude open. I fought the urge to just close my eyes and give in to the sensa- tion of his knuckles abrading the soft tissues of my ass, and opened my eyes to look inside. Just to the right of the door were two twin beds with no foot or headboards pushed together. Sprawled out naked on his back was a shorter stocky man only about ten years older than me. I looked up at Sam and saw him give me the christa rivington model "shhh" sign again. With that, he guided alt teen models my ass into the room...keeping his finger lodged inside. He motioned for me to remove my shirt, then my shoes, and finally my shorts before moving me to stand at the foot of the two beds. The young man laying on top of the white sheets was magazine- cover handsome! young models erotic Jet black hair, milky white skin, and a body covered in smooth rounded muscle. His waist was small and tight, but the rest of him was all pumped- up muscle. His chest, arms and shoulders looked like he had halves of cantelopes hidden under his creamy pale skin. The legs that voluptuous latina model were spread open across both mattresses were wide and impressive, the kind of legs every guy that worked out wanted to have but rarely got. His hands were above his head as he slept, thick illegal pedo models tufts 100 nonudes models of that jet nonnude girls models black hair bursting from his armpits. While his chest, arms, shoulders, and legs were completely hairless, a thick treasure trail started halfway down his stomach until the narrow line exploded into a thick hedge of that silky black hair around his cock and balls. What that hedge surrounded was just as impressive as the rest of the man's body. Most guys' balls I'd seen seemed to be egg-shaped, but these looked completely round and reminded me of tennis balls. The heavy cock laying over them didn't seem all that long, but it was fucking thick as all hell!! Even though it looked shorter than my own, there was no debating that it looked like a tree trunk nestled between his balls. Sam leaned over and whispered, in my ear, "Easy....easy..." as he slowly pushed me to my knees bottomless models and then onto my stomach on the bed. "Now, go get it, boy...but, wake 'im up slowly." he urged, lifting my ass up with his finger and moving me closer to that thick stocky cock. I exhaled over his equipment and then slipped my tongue out to lightly caress his balls. I watched his cock thicken even further, if that was possible, as I began sliding my wet tongue more firmly over his cum-filled sperm tanks. All the while, Sam kept working his finger in and out of my ass. I heard the man in front of me sigh indonesian model tgp as he widened his legs and his balls raised and lowerered inside their hairless sac. His cock had become almost fully hard and was swaying in the air above my nose. I watched as a pearly bead of precum oozed out of the the wide juicy-looking head. I left his balls and raised my head to slide my tongue over that head and bathe my tongue in the taste of what his balls were rewarding me with. At that moment, I felt Sam's finger exit my ass and saw him come around to the side of the beds. He looked down at me licking his buddy's chield model nude head, and began undoing the buttons on his shirt as he massaged his massive tool through his shorts. He tossed his shirt to the floor, then dropped his shorts and stepped out of female adult models them. Watching me, his scary-big cock was already harder than it had been while I was young model bd sucking him...and, getting even harder. Soon, it was sticking out from his crotch model forums at a ninety degree angle and hard as steel. He spread his legs, cupped his hand underneat his width, and began lightly stroking the underside as I slipped my lips over the head of the muscular cock in front of me. I slid half of the massively wide meat models teen asian into my warm 13 models wet mouth and heard a whispered groan escape Sam's lips. It was turning me on like crazy. Laying there sucking the cock of a handsome sexy man as he slept, while another watched and stroked his own meat. The situation didn't last long, though, as Sam walked behind me and didn't immediately come back. When he did, though, I knew it by the cold slick stuff being applied to the ring of my asshole. Next, came the feeling of something big and blunt pushing up against it demandingly. I hummed teen model fourms and moaned pakistani male models against the sleeping man's cock in my mouth as I began to suck less timidly and Sam's cock began pushing my hole open over the head of his biker cock. My eyes bulged as the head punched inside and my assring throbbed in discomfort at the intrusion of Sam's mammoth cock into my small young asshole. I must have been still a little "primed" from Dad's cock last night, though, because Sam proceeded to feed that whole horsecock into me without my passing out. Actually, it felt hot...being stretched so tightly and having a cock every bit as huge as Uncle Don's being forced inside me. All that at the same time as I was devouring another cock even thicker than the one up inside my my ass. Even though it was shorter, I still could only get a half to two-thirds of the sleeping young man's preteeen nonude models battering ram into porn models canada my mouth. Suddenly the man I was sucking stretched, yawned, and mumbled, "Mmm Sam, this is somethin' you've never done a'fore..." There seemed to be some kind of accent in the man's sleepy comment. Sam remained silent as he began sliding his cock back out of me in preparation for his next downstroke. The waking man in the bed stretched and yawned again, curling his arms into a double biceps young bulgarian models pose at his shoulders...his biceps and shoulders pumping up like cannon balls! "Sam, why don't you..." I knew immediately when the guy's eyes had opened and the scene in front of him came into focus. "Oh jaysus, Sam, me man. What've y' gone n' done, y' corker? The lad columbia teen models canna even be of age t' shave!" He continued, though without pulling his cock from my enthusiastic mouth and only raising up on his elbows. "Ahhhh, Colm, good of your Irish ass t' join us. Or, should I say, your Irish cock..." Sam said, taking Colm's reaction in quiet stride as he continued feeding his solid fuckpole up into me. Colm slid one arm back behind his head as he laid back down in the bed. The other reached down for the back of my head and forced me further down his cock. "Well, y' daft arse, will ya be tellin' me who the lad is at the very least?" "He's in campsite 29 with amanda wright model his dad. Teddy is the kid's name if I remember right." "And, his Da....would he be the handsome bastard at the window?" Sam's head jerked to the side just as the door burst open and Dad stormed in yelling. I felt Sam's ass-stretching cock yanked from my ass as he jumped to his feet and Dad took a swing. I scrambled to the side of the bed against the wall, ashamed and terrified, as Dad's swing didn't connect and carried his body around. Sam took the opportunity and grabbed Dad from behind, sliding his arms up under teen modelsxxx Dad's nonude pantyhose models and clasping his hands behind Dad's neck...the position black models boobs leaving Dad unable to do anything in the taller man's hold. "So, Paddy," Colm grinned lazily, having not stirred from where he was when I was devouring his cock, "will ya be joinin' us, now?" "Colm..." Sam threatened, "in case you missed it, we've gotta lil' problem here." "Sam....Sam, Sam, Sam," Colm said, rising to his feet and going to stand in front of Dad and Sam, "I canna see the problem. Unless you'll be meanin' this mucker's knob standin' out in front of him like a walkin' stick." Colm leaned up an slid his tongue up to Dad's ear, "I've a mind t' take Paddy's mule out for a long bob." Sam remained silent, seeming to be waiting to see where this and Colm would lead. "So, boy-o...ummm, 'Teddy,' is it?" Colm asked, looking over his shoulder at me with sparkling light green eyes. When I didn't answer, he went on, "Teddy, I'll be wonderin' if this will be the first time t' see your Da's knob hard..." He stepped to the side and there stood Dad...only in tennis shoes and gym shorts. But, one leg was bunched up at his crotch with his cock jutting straight out in front of him and balls hanging down his thigh in open air. Sam chuckled, "Well, I s'pose this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. I came up on these two last night. The kid took his Daddy's cock down his throat n' up his ass like a pro. I anfora model kits thought is was some guy sneakin' around on his wife with a buddy...didn't realize till this mornin' it was junior n' senior fuckin' their brains out together." "Teddy, come'ere, laddy." Said Colm, his thick pale cock also standing straight out from it's halo of thick black bush. "Goodlookin' kid," Sam said as I stood, "He don't have your horsemeat, Daddy, but he sure does have an awful fine body on 'im. Foot-" "Both." Dad said, staring at the wall with his jaw clenched. "Thought so," Sam said, leaning down into Dad's ear, "handsome, too." He turned to look at me, "Chip off the ol' block." I watched as Sam creme remodelage ventre slid his tongue inside Dad's ear and pressed his hips into Dad's butt. Dad's 14yo panty models cock jumped at the contact, though his gaze never moved from where he stared ahead. Colm raced off and then padded back wiping his mouth. "Morning rinse." He explained. "Now, come over here, laddie." "Now, me man here, your Da....I'll be thinkin' he's packin' quite a mighty club. I'll also be thinkin' you must love goin' for a nude polish models down for a bob on your Da. So do your new friend, Colm, a nice favor n' give it a go. I've no seen a lad suck his own Da's cock before." "Teddy, you don't have t' do anything these men tell you." Dad said, still not looking at me. "Teddy...." Sam said in that deep rolling voice, "I think we both know diff'ernt, don't we." I remembered his threat of telling someone about Dad and me, so I sank to my knees and slid my mouth over the head of Dad's cock. "Oh jaysus, that's business model network hot, man!" Colm exclaimed, grabbing his own cock and beginning to stroke it as he watched. When I felt Dad's cock jerk inside my mouth, I slid my lips further up his sturdy shaft. girls lsmodels Sam, still kept him locked in that behind-the-neck hold. "Oh fuck me! gotta see this!" "I have Colm, believe me, and the kid's not even started yet." "Hold it, hold it there, lad." Colm ordered, and then slid Dad's shorts down his legs. "By all that's holy, look at that club! Sam, Da here's not far behind ya!" Colm stroked his fat stocky cock more intently. "How're y' doin,' Dad?" I heard Sam quietly whisper, but getting no response. "Boy-o, teen model 9f care t' share?" Colm dropped to his knees without waiting for an answer and began nuzzling and licking Dad's cock at the base while I sucked and slurped on the other half. Soon, he was sucking further up the long thick shaft of Dad's cock and our mouths connected. He kissed me with Dad's cock in my mouth...sliding his tongue inside to duel with mine and massage Dad's thick meat at the same time. He also reached over and slid a finger inside my ass. The lube Sam had slathered there still leaving me slick and his entry preeteen video models inside me made me groan into his mouth and modeling nude site over Dad's cock. Dad groaned quietly as his hips began swaying slightly forward and back. I saw hands slide down Dad's sides to his hips and realized Sam must've released his hold on Dad. On each side of Dad's cock, Colm and I sucked up and down the shaft...half kissing and half sucking. I looked up to see Dad's arms free, but his hands clasped behind his head. Sam seemed to be kissing and sucking on Dad's neck, his hands sliding from Dad's hips to his hollister model chest and nipples. That's when I saw Sam's hips out of the corner of my eye. He was moving back and forth into Dad's ass. But, that couldn't be right! He had to be sliding it in under...between Dad's thighs. I reached a hand up to Dad's balls...stroked and pulled on them. Then, I reached further back underneath and felt the furry trail running ukrainian young models from his balls to his asshole. But....I didn't feel Sam's cock sliding across that area. So, I reached further back and into the crack of Dad's ass. And, I found Sam's monster-cock moving slowly in and out of Dad's hole!!! Suddenly, I felt one of Colm's hands on the shirley lingerie model back of my head as he drew me into a fierce kiss and moved both our mouths to the head of Dad's cock. He released me as we both went to work chowing down on the wide spongy end of Dad's meat, and slid that hand between Dad's thighs along side my own. He took my hand nonude models teen sitting where Sam's cock entered my father's ass and guided it to wrap around the wide girth of Sam's biker-cock. Once my hand was firmly gripping and stroking Sam's meat as it fed itself in and out of Dad's hole, I heard Sam groan and felt him increase his speed. He started pushing us all forward, walking Dad toward the bed. Colm pulled back, and quietly said in a husky voice, "Your Da's got quite'a leaky pipe, don't he, lad?" I nodded as I continued sucking and shuffling on my knees back toward the bed. "Faith, your Da's gotta good taste to 'im, too!" His breathing was getting heavier, "Share with me, boy-o." He pulled me off Dad's cock and nude illegal model backward onto the bed. With me laying on my back, he pressed his mouth down on mine and snaked his tongue inside. As he kissed me, he pulled away for just a second and spit in his hand. When his mouth came down on mine, he reached between my thighs past my balls and re-slicked up my ass. He hooked his arm under my knees and pulled my legs up just as Sam and Dad reached the edge of the bed. Sam and Dad sank to their knees, and Colm reached down for Dad's cock...still keeping me folded in half as he continued kissing me deeply. I felt the broad head of Dad's hard meat butt up against my free boys models hole. Colm kissed chilg girl model me even harder and rubbed his hand back and forth across my tight butthole, spreading his fingers to go around the head of Dad's cock as it pressed against my bullseye. I could feel the speed of Sam slowly stroking his massive cock in and out of Dad's ass by the pressure of Dad's cock against my assring. Sam began putting a little couture models dubai extra thrust in each downstroke, forcing Dad's cock to "peek" into my ass repeatedly until the head finally pushed in. I arched my back, moaned into Colm's mouth, and thrust my tongue as deeply as it would go as I felt my asshole stretch around my father's thick slab of meat. I opened my eyes as models teen litlle Colm pulled his mouth away, and watched as Dad's body slid over mine at the same time as his entire ten inches of thick steely cock slid all the way up inside me! I felt filled to the brim this time, but without any pain or discom- fort. Heat raced through my body and I knew my face must've blushed red at the sensation of having my father's cock filling me up inside again. I looked up into his eyes and they were barely open...barely even slits. They were looking down at me, though. His eyes were filled with heat, lust, and sexual overload. It felt like he was not looking littlecuties preten model at me as his son, but as if he were some big powerful animal. He looked far drunker in his sexual haze than I'd ever seen him amt models sold on liquor...drunk past reason and crazed with need. He stared down at me as if I were his prey and he was going to take everything models pedo hentai he wanted from me whether I wanted to give it to him or not. Suddenly, one arm snaked behind my head and pulled me into a crushing kiss as the other slid down my side to my hips. He stroked my side and kissed me with increased fevered intensity as his body rocked his cock in and out of my ass. Sam soon began pounding Dad powerfully, the force and motion causing Dad in turn to pound more forcefully into me. As Dad's hand latched onto one of my nipples, I felt something nudge insistently against my cheek and lips. When I opened my eyes, I saw Colm's cock pushing in between our mouths...and Sam kissing Colm hungrily as Dad had been kissing me. Without a second thought, Dad and I both attacked Colm's stocky muscular cock...sucking, slobbering, and slurping all over the wide fat thing! As Sam began slamming into Dad, Dad's cock slammed so deep inside me that it became pleasure and discomfort merged together into an overheated partnership of sexual extremes. Once again, I found myself losing my mind in the sensations wracking my body from head to toe! Sam's fucking of Dad's ass reached the level of "jackhammer" and, soon, Sam was announcing he was about to fill Dad with so much cum, it would be pouring out his ears and nose! "Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuUCK!!" Colm's voice went from soft to loud in one second as thick ropes of hot sweet cum began splattering inside Dad's mouth and mine as we alternated slurping over the head of the fat erupting cock. The legs of the beds scraped again the floor and the bedframes creaked repeatedly as Sam began unloading all his cum into Dad...power- driving Dad into me at the same time. Just as the cum began racing from my balls to my cock, Dad pulled out of my ass and pulled me to my feet. rusian petites models What the helll???!!! But then, he spun me around, moved me toward one wall, and bent me at the waist. The next thing was model factory teen him slamming his cock back into me with the same force Sam had used on him. Unlike when anothersite forum jessimodel we were laying on the bed, Dad began to pull all the way out goal teen model and then plunge deep inside me over and over again...fucking himself furiously back on Sam's spewing ranger-cock and then deep into my belly on every stroke. The wild animal aspect of how he savaged my ass instantly pushed me back to the edge of cumming again with no turning back. All I could do at this point was hold on to the wall for dear life Colm suddenly slid between Dad's legs and mine from behind. Once in place with his arms around my thighs, Colm dove his mouth onto my cock just as I began to pour jet after jet of teenage cum down his throat. My head thrashed back and forth as the explosions of my orgasm rocked my teenage body from head to toe. I heard Dad's growl from behind and above me. Two seconds later, he jerked his cock from my hole still clamping down intermit- tently as my body spewed out the last of my load. He shoved his cock between my thighs and up under my balls, it's ten inch length pushing the head out from underneath and onto Colm's chin. When the first splash of daddy-cum hit Colm's skin, sanndra teen model he pulled off my cock and swooped down onto the head of Dad's. While he sucked at Dad's spewing cock like a starving man, I could feel his hair and top of his head rubbing against the underside of my own cock and balls. As my dick dribbled the last remainders of my load into Colm's hair and Colm milked the last of Dad's with his greed mouthy, Dad pulled me back against him and my face into a heated kiss. My knees gave out and I sank down onto Colm's chest, my own heaving as I tried to catch my breath and clear the fog from my vision.
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